Dick Slips

The Kilt, the Queen and the Dick Slip

The photo caused a sensation when it was published in November 2004. It depicts a man sitting on the right hand side of Queen Elizabeth II, apparently showing that Scotsmen don't wear anything under their kilt.

The photo was taken after the Queen had presented medals to the st Battalion of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders at Howe Barracks in Canterbury, Kent.

The man in question is Colonel Simon West, who later said he was "embarrassed beyond comprehension". Apparently he had not done it on purpose and his seemingly knowing grin was quite innocent.

The picture was edited when it appeared in The Daily Mail so that only a dark shadow appeared between his legs. The Mirror, however, didn't hold back, publishing the above photo with the headline "My Privates Can't Control Themselves."

Some question remains over the legitimacy of the photo. Urban legends research site Snopes.com won't declare it to be a hoax, giving it "Undetermined" status. The Museum of Hoaxes site maintains that the version showing the penis may be a hoax, even if the original photo showing West with his legs apart and a dark shadow is authentic. Some have maintained that there wouldn't be sufficient lighting to reveal his penis, while others have said that the placement of the member is incorrect.


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